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Shop. Don’t Buy. from Whole Foods

August 25, 2009

A date has not been determined for this action. We are giving Whole Foods a chance to respond, which is in the best interest of all.

Shop. Don’t Buy: the essential details of the proposed action from the article: Beyond the Boycott

Be a shopper: if CEO John Mackey and Whole Foods won’t address the concerns of his op-ed piece, Take the Whole Foods Boycott to another level and tell Whole Foods “I Don’t Buy It.” I’m committed to Shop. Don’t Buy because healthcare IS a right that everyone should have access to. No one left out. This is about what we are committed to, not against.

START by saying I Don’t Buy It and commit to action

PRINT this symbolic 60-person note.

ONLY if Whole Foods won’t be responsive and an ACTION date is set:

GO to the Whole Food nearest you and SHOP, DON’T BUY.

SHOP for the groceries, produce and personal care items you would normally purchase at Whole Foods or anywhere else. (Be sure to take your cell phone for pictures & video to share) Then, respectfully offer to “pay” with the 60P bill or just write the number 60 on a piece of paper. When you do tell them that their CEO said this is acceptable:

  • that it’s OK that 60 people die every day without access to healthcare
  • that it’s OK that uninsured adults are 25% more likely to die prematurely
  • that it’s OK the lack of health insurance is the third leading cause of death for the near-elderly

tell them “I DON’T BUY It” and

  • DON’T BUY their food.
  • DON’T BUY their excuse for John Mackey’s irresponsible statements.
  • DON’T BUY any position that avoids responsibility for their leadership when offering a personal view under the banner of their brand.

LEAVE the store without the groceries.

POST photos and video of your action to this site, so that folks can see the impact of these actions

That’s it.

Tell Whole Foods that contrary to what Mackey suggests, healthcare IS a right. It’s buying from Whole Foods that is a privilege.

I don’t buy it:  And you shouldn’t either.

I want to tell Whole Foods “I Don’t Buy It: Healthcare IS a Right.”

Sign up to commit to be a shopper.

Background info:

Beyond the Boycott: Telling Whole Foods and CEO John Mackey You Don’t Buy It:

SHOP. DON’T BUY proposed action info:

“I Don’t Buy It” Cause on Facebook:

Make a Donation to support I Don’t Buy It:

Sign up to Commit to Shop. Don’t Buy.

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